Our family on a summer road trip through Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Jones & Mae | A Family Affair

An Aspiring Sustainable Children's Educational Company

Founded by Colorado parents Brian and Bethany Neumann, Jones & Mae is a children’s educational company born out of love for kids, sustainability and design. (Check out our interview on mothering.com here). And we exist to help children learn how to live life their best (like understanding money with the Trio Method bamboo spend save share piggy bank set). Through sustainable and value-driven educational products we help parents guide their kiddos to live a great life, and give a great life!

Having a couple of kiddos of our own, we’ve found a desire and need for sustainable products that we couldn’t find elsewhere. Clean design and simplicity married to practical life lessons are included in every product we envision. As a small business we aim to leave as little a footprint as possible- ensuring a better place for all future generations of children.

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Happy parenting!

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